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Hazard alarm

In the area of hazard alarm ROHDE Electronics helps as a professional security technology partner to prevent harm - simple and reliable. Fire alarm systems protect people and property. If necessary, they report a dangerous situation directly to the fire department or to you.

With a burglar alarm system you can back up all your most treasured possessions.  If the worst comes to the worst, a private security company, the police or you personally can be informed through an intrusion.

Security Lighting

The protection goal of the emergency lighting system is to guarantee safe leaving of a building in case of loss of the common power supply, as well as to make escape routes and firefighting equipment easy to find. It is important to respect various standards and laws. Together with our system partners we test for them when, how and under what requirements they need an emergency lighting system. Whether punctual contained luminaires or intelligently networked central battery systems, we install it for you. The offer is rounded off with the associated commissioning, programming and maintenance.


Our service profile of hazard alarm includes consulting, planning and execution of: